Deena Metzger is part of the great magic in the world.

Lunch today with Deena Metzger, we had some crazy yummy sushi.  She is a shaman, a teacher, a healer and in her work to heal the planet, she is clearly luminous.  I met her many years ago, but she seems to not age at all.  She moves as if she moves through light.  Whatever great magic there is in the world, Deena is part of it.

There are some of us who are bearers of light and Deena is one of them. I remember her seeing Wanda at a party at my house, the two of them bowing to each other in my living room.

The journey toward the imagination and the creative process is not one we undertake for ourselves. It is one we undertake because we need to change the world.

I have met greatness in the literary world-Peggy, Deena, Eloise, Lisa, Judy, Maxine, the other Kate, Camille, Wanda, and so many more.  It’s a long journey, but worth it.

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  1. I don’t know if it is proper to respond to such a gift as Kate offers me here, but I am too moved to pretend that I didn’t read it, especially as Kate advised me of it a few minutes ago. Because of what she wrote, I am standing between two poles, my friendship with Anaïs Nin and her diaries and my friendship with Kate and this blog. From the time I was a teenager, I was fascinated by the ways writers wrote about each other and their friendships. These seemed the ground of literature, without which the writer couldn’t do her work. But when I met Anaïs and was introduced to her Diaries and the journal form, I learned about the ineluctable connection between the interior life and relationships – how much we need both and how the journal mediates between them, as does this Blog. We’re in a slide, on shifting ground between what is exquisitely personal and what is made adamantly public. Why do we write this way? Because as Anaïs taught, the interior, the dream, the magical needs to be brought into the world and known.
    Particularly now, in these dark times.
    And so Kate is right to speak about light – the necessity of light in these dark times and so the holy friction; we rub up against each other – the spark is necessary – we want to burn bright – we want to bear the light – we can’t do it without each other.
    I met Anaïs when I was 27 and we were close friends for twelve years to the day she died. Give or take 5 years, there is the same age difference between Kate and myself. Once Gore Vidal, without intending to be amusing, asked me when Anaïs was going to publish the Diary in which he figured. I didn’t know if I would be in Anaïs’ Dairies; what I wanted and honored and received was deep connection on a soul level. That soul connection is part of what Kate and I spoke about. That place of profound trust when, as it is said, two or more engage so. Such rare meetings have the quality of eternity around them. From them light emerges. It’s important to write about this in dark times.
    When I think of Kate, I think about devotion. She is fiercely devoted to what matters. And you know I am using ‘fiercely’ deliberately. She is very fiercely devoted to what really matters. And so we hold each other. And so we stand up and write. And, then, somehow, again, the light.
    Thank you, Kate

  2. Enjoyed reading this exchange as if acknowledging the human condition – we are all gifts to each other. Thank you.

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