Is there a connection between the scam leg braces of the 50s and 60s and the need for hip replacements now?

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Forrest Gump wore braces he didn’t need. His mother was a poor woman in Alabama who didn’t know any better. In the 50s and 60s, many kids were given leg braces. Their parents were told that their toes were turned out. The fact is that people’s toes in their natural position do turn out.

Why would doctors want to sell these parents leg braces their kids did not need? Speculation won’t get you far in most cases, but in this one, it’s hard not to wonder if the cure of polio in 1952 thanks to Dr. Salk didn’t end a lucrative way of making a living for a number of doctors and manufacturers of leg braces. Now that kids didn’t get polio, the doctors convinced the parents to get them leg braces anyway.

The question is whether these braces on children could have caused later hip damage? Since almost everyone who needs hip or knee replacements has some sort of arthritis, the chances aren’t good that these braces caused arthritis. I’d like to see more medical articles on this subject though.

It’s interesting to see how the medical establishment preys on poor people and how certain ailments go through phases. Currently around ten percent of American kids have allergies. European kids don’t have nearly as many. Our kids are allergic to so many foods and things in the air, it’s a wonder we don’t just keep them indoors eating Gerber baby food.

From “Stuff White People Like,”
“Ultimately the best way to escape a camping trip with white people is to say that you have allergies. Since white people and their children are allergic to almost everything, they will understand and ask no further questions. You should not say something like “looking at history, the instances of my people encountering white people in the woods have not worked out very well for us.”

When our kids were in school, the boys all needed ADD and ADHD drugs. There’s a whole little happy family of these drugs: Strattera, Concerta, Adderall and Ritalin the mama, and of course, its second cousin Wellbutrin which is also in the family with Zoloft, Paxil, and the patriarch Prozac. Those drugs are the prescription gateway drug because once you get started on those, you’ll want to wean yourself onto weed as a more fun way to self medicate.

But back to the kids with braces. In my husband’s family, the parents were all into the braces for kids but dental care was not so important. My mother-in-law once told me when I mentioned that the dentist said that my husband needed some extra dental work, “Why don’t you go to a dentist who says he doesn’t need dental work?”

My mother-in-law currently has no teeth of her own, but she is able to eat soft foods anyway. No popcorn. And that’s got to be a bummer when you’re at the movies.

Our generation prizes mobility, keeping our joints in working hard so we can do stuff. We like to be able to be athletic and bite down on life. That’s why we try to keep our teeth. I like movies and popcorn and stuff I can do with my legs moving around.


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