What does it mean to have no sense of humor?

December 12, 2012

Some people don’t laugh much even if there is something to laugh about. Others seem to be chuckling to themselves all the time. “Sometimes,” Arthur says in the movie to explain his constant laughing to himself, “I just think funny things.” People who are able to laugh at themselves are a lot more fun to be around because you feel they don’t take themselves too seriously so you don’t need to either.

Some people are always laughing and finding stuff to laugh about. They watch Tom and Jerry, they love comedies, they go to comedy shows, they like to laugh.

People with Asperger Syndrome for example, often have no sense of humor and don’t laugh at themselves. They don’t laugh much at all.

Asperger Syndrome often means:

Rage, tantrum, shutdown, self-isolating reactions appearing “out of nowhere”
Substantial hidden self-anger, anger towards others, and resentment

Low to no apparent sense of humor; bizarre sense of humor (often stemming from a “private” internal thread of humor being inserted in public conversation without preparation or warming others up to the reason for the “punchline”)


But lots of people have no sense of humor. And why should they? It’s easy to believe the world is out to get you. Look in the mirror. Do you look amazing? Have you won any major prizes lately? Do you have a nice cushy job in academia? Do people just push themselves into street lamps to get a look at you? No? Well, then the world must be out to get you.

Or maybe you don’t think the world is out to get you but you just don’t laugh at anything. You’re not a laugher.

Don’t expect people to like this. We like people who laugh. It makes us feel we can let down our guard. We are more comfortable with people we can laugh with. Think about it like this. Bush got voted over the far more intelligent Kerry mostly because people thought Kerry was too smart, maybe smarter than the average American, god forbid. (That didn’t take much.) So they wanted someone stupid who you could sit around and get a good laugh with. Or at.

Americans aren’t comfortable with people who are more intelligent than they are especially if that someone is a woman. That’s why Hillary scares so many men. She’s smarter than they are and we can’t have that.

If people who don’t laugh are tedious, dumb people are more so. But if you’re around people who are very intellectual and smart all the time, you need some sleep. I like having a variety of friends—some very intellectual, some not. “Come on, now, be honest. Which one of you wouldn’t rather listen to his hairdresser than hercules? Or Horatius or Orpheus? People so lofty, They sound as if they shit marble.” Mozart asks in Amadeus. He may have a point there.

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  1. I must be over my Ass Burgers.
    Awesome article btw.

    • You’re such a liar about Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a real disability. Plus, you’re a hypocrite.

  2. I’m crazy that’s why. I really can’t say big words in arguments because I have to think more! I am fat and I am 250 years old! *Laughs like Slappy the Dummy from Goosebumps.*

  3. I feel I have a sense of humor just that people I love soo much can’t see it, I love my boyfriend and I wana make him know that I have a sense of humor, I’m jst afraid of heart break

    • Then, I’m not the kind of person who wants to be around you ’cause I’ve no interest funny people due to them pissin’ me off.

  4. You have to laugh at yourself. I know I do some goofy things, and when I realize what I did, I find it amusing.

    • She doesn’t have to if he or she doesn’t want to. If she doesn’t feel like it, don’t force it on here. Besides, I hate goofiness.

  5. You must have a sense of humor to say that Kerry and Remember Benghazi Hillary are smart and that Bush wasn’t. Good one.

  6. What is the point of this essay? So we don’t have a sense of humor, maybe I don’t I’m not sure. You like most americans and maybe people in general seem to take it out on the person w/the mental health issue or the communications issue, not on the paper w/power who don’t have those issues. It isn’t ok not to like that person, it isn’t right or fair and its even more your job as a writer to fight that if you’re aware of those issues, your job is to educate the general public and your audience. Not people who already know they have these problems and have to put up w/mainstream people’s bs. It’s irresponsible of you to be adding to that, whether you and others wanna admit that or not. And fuck Bush, you seem to be making an excuse for idiots being president, idiots who only care about their fellow white, male, right wing rich, country club buddies. That’s why most people didn’t vote for bush in 2000 or 2004, they voted for gore and then kerry. Look it up. And the hilary reference you make btw is kind’ve sexist.

    • ^^^^^^Person the article is explaining

  7. You’ve got to be kidding.. John Kerry intelligent? He’s a doofus.

  8. I have a friend who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. It ran in his family. Because they diagnosed it early, he had a lot of special treatment and he does have a mild sense of humor. For me at least, a sense of humor can be something you learn from others. Just need a little reinforcement sometimes.

  9. I think this is the major source of disdain I have for people who suddenly become Christian, find Christ, or find absurd reasons for laughing (which tend to not be absurd at all), and looking light-heartedly on the brighter side of things.

    But that’s just me. I have Autism, and I have inappropriate responses to damn near anything.

    If something is supposed to be funny, My expression is vacant and listless.

    If a moment is supposed to be serious, I grin and try to nitpick and kick a few puppies.

    If an incident or moment is supposed to be Sad, I try to over-exaggerate sadness, or, failing that, I try to emphasize with the victim of the moment, only to fail and realise I CAN’T Emphasise with them.

    And finally, when trying to consider the viewpoint, feelings, and soapboxes of others, it all comes back to me.

    And finally again, I can’t comprehend Humor. I can’t.

  10. I was blown away by the perspective you brought to the table here. Thank you.

  11. why the hell do you care that there are people who smart all the time? i like being around them because i don’t humor. so fuck off and leave humorless folks alone.

  12. “People with Asperger Syndrome for example, often have no sense of humor and don’t laugh at themselves. They don’t laugh much at all.

    Asperger Syndrome often means:

    Rage, tantrum, shutdown, self-isolating reactions appearing “out of nowhere”
    Substantial hidden self-anger, anger towards others, and resentment”

    Some have a sense of humour and laugh themselves, some don’t – as with people everywhere. You can’t just generalize about people with Asperger’s Syndrome, any more than you can generalize about women, Jewish people, black people or anyone else. They’re people, not an undifferentiated mass! Having done the rant, I would admit that a lot of people on the autistic spectrum tend to be very literal, and may take jokes and sarcasm too seriously. The thing is to know the person you’re talking to and bear in mind their individual sensitivities – but that’s true of everyone you talk to, whether or not they carry a label of some sort.

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