Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day –my favorite love poem ever

“The Floating Poem Unnumbered”


Whatever happens with us, your body
will haunt mine—tender, delicate
your lovemaking, like the half-curled frond
of the fiddlehead fern in forests
just washed by sun. Your traveled, generous thighs
between which my whole face has come and come—
the innocence and wisdom of the place my tongue has found there—
the live, insatiate dance of your nipples in my mouth—
your touch on me, firm, protective, searching
me out, your strong tongue and slender fingers
reaching where I had been waiting for years for you
in my rose-wet cave—whatever happens, this is.


Adrienne Rich

I cannot say why this poem moves me and feels like the fullest form of love, but it does.


In your Valentine Day plans, remember thickets of candy, bouquets of love notes, remember orbs hanging from skies, remember the way the moon enters your dreams.  Remember the big love that kissed your neck wildly in the night you first fell in love.  Any star in the universe can be involved in a stellar collision which is the joining of two stars through the force of gravity.  White dwarfs are the remnants of low mass stars and if they form a binary system with another star, they can cause a large explosion known as a supernova.  Sometimes planets form.  Think about that, planets might form from this collision.

The traditional idea for Valentine’s Day is to have a romantic time with your loved one doing whatever you all deem fun and fantastic.

The French like food like:

Broiled stuffed oysters

Foie Gras

Glazed carrots

Filet Mignons

Crème Brulee


We are a big fan of French food, but honestly we don’t know how to cook it.

I am going to try to find some oysters and champagne, and Mark is going to make sashimi.  A little Japanese, a little French.  A little of this. A little of that. We survived 2015.  Here’s to big love.

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The empress tree hovers in bud

It’s been so warm today, and I think our tree is getting ready for blossom.  We’ve had the Empress tree for years, and it has never bloomed.  If it blooms this year, it means good luck, it means happiness.

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This is the year of cooking.

Some people don’t like to cook.  They make their food as simple as possible, opening a can of sardines and eating them with crackers.  Maybe having a little ice cream for dessert.  That’s a fine little dinner if you ask me.  Others will cook very carefully measuring out recipes for gourmet recipes.  Mark cooks beautifully for himself when I’m out of town, laying out his measurements carefully, creating a meal that’s like a picture.  This year, I am cooking Asian food and North African food.  We are not having dinner parties, so it’s just us.  Early man was content to eat food raw, but once we figured out fire, we wanted to cook.  Once we figured out spices, we wanted flavor.  The North African food requires a little sweet, a little salt and a spice combination called ras el hanout which is similar to garam masala which is used in Indian food but is spicier.  I had always thought that slowing down was a bad sign.  The slow food movement started in Italy.  We are part of that idea now.  Sometimes I even let myself get enough sleep.  This is the year of cooking.

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Poems from the Pond

Great reading today from Poems from the Pond hosted by Laurie David and the meditation studio in Santa Monica.  It was really lovely, an exquisite event with Donna Dixon, Frances Fisher, Sarah Rafferty, Marcia Cross, Barbara Bain and Catherine O’ Hara.  I loved the reading and the whole event.  Everything about the event was fierce and elegant and breathtaking.  Red Hen Press is very proud to be distributing this book and working with Laurie David.

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Three days of recovering from the flu, and I’m starting to feel better.  Some people like to stay home and cuddle in their pajamas.  I’m not a pj person.  My daughter loves being in pajamas whenever she gets the chance, and we always give her pjs for holidays and birthday.  Pajamas make some people feel like they have shed a second skin and are now able to be their own true self.  I don’t know why I’ve never developed a pajama life, but even at home, I’m trying to be ready to run, ready to do something, to act.  I like the notion of pajama, the idea of relaxing.


I found notes today for a novel that I never got around to writing.  It’s so long ago, that I can’t remember what was the impetus for this and I will certainly never write the book for which I made this brief sketch.


Helga has a Siamese cat she keeps on a blue leash.  She eats hard boiled eggs and grapefruit for breakfast and herring in the afternoons.  She is always wishing that she were thinner and that she weren’t so worried about what people were thinking of her and at the same time wanting to act in some grandiose way on the world.  Hence the great balloon race which she plans to enter. Her father has other plans.  His plan is for her to get married and give him some grandchildren.  He has her work with Bob for seven years on the farm and then marry him.  They have one child and Bob dies.  The child is a girl and her father wants a grandson so he has her work with Joseph for seven years and then marry him.  They have a son and Joseph also dies.  It is then that Helga runs away with the local beekeeper and decides to enter the great balloon race before it is too late for anyone to notice her.  She is 34. 

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Monsters, A Love Story

Liz Kay sent me her book today called Monsters, A Love Story, and I can’t wait to read it.  Liz Kay is one of the most brilliant ferocious women I’ve ever met.  I can see her walking toward me in readings, her long legs, bushels of beautiful hair, and great smile.  Liz Kay’s book is about to hit the shelves.  I’d order one now, Liz has fire in the belly, and I bet some of that fire is in this book.

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The New Ninth

We’re still thinking about plants and planting

but we haven’t decided on what to plant.

The herbs do well.  I remember how wet green

the tomatoes and corn grew in New England.

Out here, we can’t get much to grow.

Growing tomatoes costs too much.


They’ve found a new star, and that star

has a different orbit.  It doesn’t cross

the other orbits much so we don’t know

a lot about this new planet.

This new planet is like Neptune but stranger.

This new planet might be the new Ninth.

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Home sick, I start to play with Jiffy Pop instructions

Jiffy Pop



Jiffy Pop more challenging than other pops.


Murphy’s Law.

Inspect for imperfections


they can lead to problems

down the line

Find the ones with pristine packaging


treat them gently

until you’re ready to start popping

Remove the cover


If you puncture

it will not rise properly during popping

drastically impacting the results.
Place the pan on the burner

Once you hear a sizzling sound

move on to the next step.
Shake the pan in a circular motion

continuously and rapidly shake

Jiffy Pop is handy when you’re out in the wild.

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David Bowie and Freddy Mercury singing, Under Pressure… this is our last dance…”

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Fewer Risks means a happier life.

I take fewer risks now.  If everything you say is PC, you might say very little.  You could talk about the weather, furniture, shopping, toys, kale, berries, the ocean.  I am working on my repertoire of PC conversations which are the only conversations I should be having outside the house or my own circle of friends.  It isn’t very interesting and it isn’t very lively, but safe can be good and some people are not safe.  Some people can look you right in the eye and seem like your friends, but they aren’t.  Life is risky, but I’m watching the cliff and how far down it goes and when I get desperate, I fly away.

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