We saw the movie Glass last night.  I like M. Night; most of his movies make me think for months.  I loved The Village which made me think a lot about the cult/farm where I grew up.  You could leave, but most people didn’t.  Antiobiotics and other forms of medicine were unknown to us.

I liked The Village, and I really loved Lady in the Water although I know I was in the minority there.  I loved the mystery and myth of it.

But this movie, Glass, is another story.  The existential question is what happens to those who are unusual?  Unusually bad or unusually good, it doesn’t matter.  Do not step out of line. Do not have special powers or special abilities.  Do not stand tall. Do not stand with your head in the air.

That’s one way of thinking about the movie.  Another way of looking at it is that evil is worth celebrating.  But that’s not what I think is going on.

I think M. Night is trying to get us to think about how we reward those who are different.  James McAvoy’’s acting is a thing of sheer amazement.  It’s breathtaking.

I keep thinking about the movie.  The wages of being different.  They will come for you.

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