Why Some Men Prefer Sweet Quiet Women

January 29th, 2012


Let’s start with this.  If you are married to a sweet quiet woman who does what you say, who smiles and laughs at your jokes, God bless you.  Who wouldn’t want such a wife? The great thing about being married to someone who is quiet, obedient and if she’s smarter than you in any way is smart enough to hide that, the best thing about that is that you feel like the king of your castle all the time.  Who doesn’t want to be king?


Being king means that you own the casle, that you give the orders.  Who hasn’t dreamed of being the king of the castle?  If you want to be king of your castle, then you need an obedient princess and you should choose your princess wisely, ideally someone who will follow orders, be awed by your accomplishments and be willing to watch pictures/slide shows/DVDs of your travels and impressive leaps and jumps.  She should like hearing you talk and not talk too much herself.  She should be willing to give up her name/favorite foods/weird friends to be with you.


The Fifties was a real heyday for this kind of activity.  You could say to your wife, “Hey darling, we’re moving toTexas,” and she would start packing.  “Hey honey, I just bought us a new Chevy,” and she would run out to see the car and thank you with big wet kisses.  (Nothing against big wet kisses.)


You could boss your wife and no one would think less of you.  Now if you tell your wife to make you dinner, to pack the car, iron your clothes, or bathe the kids, you’re likely to get the look, and if you’re lucky, only the look.  Smart women don’t like to be given orders.  They like you to make requests.


We have several couple friends who are married to women as smart and outspoken as they are.  Karen, Lisa, Sasha, Tracy and Deborah all give their spouses a run for their money.  And of course our lesbian couple friends all seem pretty even as well.  It’s always fun to be around couples with smart women because they get sassy and have stuff on their brain.


The reason men don’t marry women as smart as they are is very simple.  They’re scared.  Scared of feeling stupid and small.  Nobody likes to feel stupid or small.  Nor should they.


A really smart woman who is also a good human being would never make her man feel like an idiot.  Because in fact, if she needs to make her man feel like an idiot then she obviously has low self esteem herself.  I am always amazed when spouses say negative things about each other in public.  What you have to wonder is what the hell they say to each other in private.


Which brings up another point.  In my opinion, you should treat your spouse way better than you treat the mailman, (unless the mailman is your lover in which case you have a way cuter mailman than I do) and sometimes you see people who treat their spouses so offhandedly that you really wonder what they’re thinking.


Choose wisely with your spouse.  Choose someone you can respect because you’ll be your best person if you are challenged.  Being challenged by the person you love is amazing.  It’s everything.  Have a Kate Hepburn type wife, someone who has a mind and can speak her mind.

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