Why people blog

September 28, 2010

Had coffee this morning with Mary Guterson, She’s smart, writes good books.  Also saw Rochelle with Pasadena cultural affairs.  Lots of coffee.  Now, half dizzy with the heat, I blog.  Why?  Because it’s like adult video games.  It’s a way to avoid working, writing, thinking, or doing anything constructive.  It feels like therapy and chewing over madness and driving on the LA freeways and smog culture and putting graffiti on the wall.  It’s better than subversive.  It’s transversive.  It’s waking up from sleep, but not completely, and then telling people your dreams.  It’s being on Oprah without Oprah being there.  It’s getting naked in public without being arrested.  It’s asking for God and expecting people to answer, “It’s you, you should win a MacArthur, you’re a genius,” and then you notice that your computer is leaking onto you and still you blog, in the bleak sodden air or the blistering air, amid the scraps of human existence that is beyond understanding, you blog.