Swimming the lake

May 24, 2009

Swimming four times across the lake.  Went through all Red Hen’s outstanding manuscripts.  Some you love the plot but the writing is dead.  One the writing was so lovely, but I couldn’t figure out what the story was about.  Then walked the lake and came on a large bear with a lot of brown on him, but still technically a black bear.  He was having a good day, I don’t think he was hungry.  There were so many deer at the lake every day, hanging around the cabin.  The whole day mashed in light, water, tequila.  Spaghetti for dinner, dreams of Alaska.  I wish we had lived our lives differently, not tried to put down roots.  We could have wandered.  There is a plant called a “Wandering Jew,” this plant with very little water can trail around your house.  We had hotdogs last night with mustard.  Tonight spaghetti with no parmesan.  Every time we camp we forget something.  This time it is parmesan.

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