Judy Grahn, Red Hen Press author, wins Lambda Award

May 28, 2009

Lambda Awards in New York City.  Judy Grahn wins the Lambda Award for Love Belongs to Those that Do the Feeling, presented by Alice Quinn.  Other nominees included Liz Bradfield, of Arktoi imprint/Red Hen Press for her fabulous book, Interprative Work.  Judy Grahn got a standing ovation and she deserved it.  It was a long day, I ran ten miles down to the Statue of Liberty from Chelsea, then off to meetings.  Mark set up our booth.  We were starving as we hadn’t eaten all day, so we wandered to the Venus in Chelsea to get something.  I like the Venus, huge menu, always chill.  Lots of gay couples, but I’ve never seen any lesbians.  Well, it is Chelsea.  When I was running, I passed three teenage boys down by the river getting stoned, that pungent smell floating out over the gardens and me.  God, I miss my son.  And there was the Statue of Liberty, kind of giving me a high five.  All good.

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