Meredith Maran falsely accused her father of incest, Oprahtization of America, Red Hen forges on in the heat and recession toward success

September 29, 2010

 On the way to work, there were many accidents, maybe eight.  I’m not sure why; there is a fire blazing somewhere near here because you can smell smoke.  Not sure where that fire is. 

 I just read a review of a book I may buy by Meredith Maran about recovered memories. It was the 80’s.  She was told by her therapist that she was an incest survivor and like thousands of other women, accused her father of having sex with her as a child.  But she realizes now, she lied.  All the shame her father experienced all those years of having a daughter accuse him of abuse… And it wasn’t true.  She blames the times.  She says there was a lot of that going around.  She left her husband.  She decided to become a lesbian.  She wanted no part of men.  All right.  I wonder what her therapist thinks now?    This is making me very glad that I never went to therapy and got myself fixed up.  I think I’m glad to be the crazy person I am today.  Seeing the right therapist has clearly saved lives, families and marriages.  Seeing the wrong therapist can be devastating.  In this age of the Oprahtization of America, everyone wants to have story they can go on Oprah or Jerry Springer to talk about.  The question is whether it’s a true story.  What is the true story?

 We are forging ahead with Red Hen, working to raise funds for staff who can do their jobs.  We have a really good marketing person working as an intern.  The first good marketing person we’ve ever had.  We’ve hired people to do sales/publicity and marketing, but somehow no one has ever pulled it off until now.  Our guy William is amazing.  But these are tough times to be raising funds for a non profit.  Money is tight, giving is down and we’re in Los Angeles.  The difference between a New York donation and a California donation is a couple of zeros on the check.  But, we are hard working, aggressive, optimistic and we have buzz at our back, eggs in the kitchen and sake in the freezer.  Despite the unbearable heat, we feel ourselves swimming upstream. And anyway, Huffington Post thinks we’re one of the 15 most important presses in the country.