Memorial Day

May 25, 2009

Woke up in Zaca.   Off to see Tracy Tennenhouse who lives in Moorpark with her husband Chris and her father Alex.  And their kids Hannah and Zack, the joy of my life.  Their garden is growing very well.  The cabbages and tomatoes, even blueberries.  Zack fought Mark with his gun and sword collection.  They made us chicken tacos, guacamole.  When we got home, I ran ten miles.  I ran and then came home to see The Reader.  Ah, the power of language and stories.  What it would mean to be inside a story one’s whole life, the story itself flourishing and unfolding like a fan.  The next time I travel I shall try to move into a story.  I wonder if you can be inside a story if you live at home.  I suppose so, but the story might be like a blog, I came, I ran, I saw, I slept.

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