Four stages in a relationship

October 13, 2009

Four Stages in a relationship…. (Theresa gave me these…)

 Most people never get to stage four… A lot of people really like stage one and break up at stage two.  These stages work for love, work, almost anything you throw yourself into, but mostly I think about love. 

1.  infatuation–Novelty–about anything-love—work—hobby– food items-this is the best thing since sliced bread–Where have you been all my life?–I must tell everyone about this… You’re it!  You’re the cat’s pajamas.

2.  disillusionment— Disappointment, something is not what you thought it to be.  You really suck after all.  Like all the others you’ve let me down.  What was I thinking? doing? Then, you lose interest.

3.  Power struggle–fighting with yourself or others, it’s either my way or the highway, Should I keep up this running schedule or quit, should I leave my marriage. Should I stay on this diet. I will never finish writing this book.  Is all this money really worth it?

4.  Acceptance–peace– I accept the way it is.  I can deal with the mostly good here and just ignore the rest.  It may not be all be good, but I’m good with what’s going on here.

I like to think about these because the best stage in a relationship is the last one… the deeper love you only get to if you go through the other stages, it’s worth it though.  It’s where I’m swimming.

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