BEA, Day 2

May 27, 2010

 The people across from us, I don’t know who they were, had a lot of wine that they kept drinking at their booth.  That was great, I wanted some but they didn’t share.  I should have walked on over and gotten some.

 I got a badge today because my hubby begged me one.. nice. And I was in such a short skirt I was ready to work it.  I walk to the Javits Center from Chelsea in the morning; I like the walk.  I always eat at the same place for breakfast, the Hot Spot, where I get a slice of great pizza, it is so great.  I get the spinach or the broccoli, crispy crust and the perfect cheese and then I eat it walking down the street and get my cup of Java from the Starbucks and I am set for life.  I walk down to Javits. 

 After Javits, I walk to Broadway to 65th, a nice little stretch your legs kind of thing to Josephina which turned out to be a nice restaurant where I had some amazing duck with my agent Jill Marr who is such a cool chick.  We talked over books, and my writing and California and travels.  Well, BEA has been fun, but now the real fun begins.

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Starting out in the Evening

May 24, 2010

 We’re watching this movie about a writer whose work is all but forgotten and a grad student starts writing about him to help revive his work.  Of course, one of the things that’s clear is that he is way out of touch with the publishing world.  He doesn’t know where his own publisher is working.  It’s a good movie, but a little slow.  Frank Langella is wonderful.  He was great in Nixon, but here he’s completely buried in the part.  He descends into the role of this dying writer.  Lili Taylor is wonderful too. Lauren Ambrose does a good job playing Heather Wolfe, but she’s a bit cloying in her cuteness.  Lili is really beautiful and fascinating and makes you wish you could spend a whole lifetime with her while the Heather character makes you want to push her out the window.  Not literally, just figuratively. 

 I think about this whole problem of writers not getting published, not selling books.  A writer who comes to me and wants me to publish their next book but their last book did not sell.  Nor the one before that.  Books are supposed to sell, at least that’s the general idea of publishing.  You can’t publish books forever that don’t sell. It just doesn’t work. 

 We’re getting ready to go to NY for BEA, leaving early in the morning on JetBlue.  I like Jet Blue.  I had a second Alzheimer’s session today.  I go in and read poetry at one of the facilities we work with.  They liked the Mother Goose rhymes the best.  They knew “Hey diddle diddle,” by heart, but the poem that had them all awake and singing with me was “My Bonnie lies over the ocean,” almost all of the old people, even the ones who seemed completely inert began to sing along with me.  We sang, “My Bonnie lies over the ocean, my Bonnie lies over the sea, my Bonnie lies over the ocean, oh bring back my Bonnie to me.”  Then we discussed what the poem meant and the story seemed to mean according to us that an Irish girl had left and come to NY and was working as a barmaid and had left her lover behind in Ireland eating potatoes and missing her.  “We all miss somebody,” someone said, “someone who used to be bonny like you’re bonny.”

            “We’re all bonny,” I said.  And I meant it, we’re all bonny to someone.

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BEA and Nancy Boutin

May 29, 2009



The great thing about NY is the people.  I walk most of the way to the BEA passing an older couple with their adopted Chinese girl who is just adorable.  I see lots of Jamaican women or other Islanders with expensively dressed white babies who they are strolling about.  In Los Angeles, these would be Latinas with the babies.  Dog walkers, homeless people, people selling hotdogs and gyros.  I like the energy.  Here at BEA, there’s a lot of action.  My man John Irving was here reading.  Lots of applause for him.  Also Cornel West was reading.  Crazy applause for him.  I called Jared just to show off that I was looking at Cornel.  Jared was suitably impressed.


I hope we sell some books here.  Or something.  Make some connections?  Have some fun?  Go to some cool parties…. It’s all good.   A lot of reviewers come by the booth:  Kirkus, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly.  I’m thinking having a booth at BEA is a good thing.


BEA was busy and fun, then off to dinner with Naseem Rakha and our fabulous board member Nancy Boutin at Pepolinio.  Such great Italian food.  We never go out for great Italian food in Los Angeles except once a year when we can afford Angelina Osteria.  This was divine.  I had the fennel salad and the calamari, so yummy.  Nancy is crazy cool and we were also with Laurie one of the Los Angeles Review poetry editors and her husband Doug.  Good times.  Good wine.  Great crème brulee.   We toasted poetry and life.

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