Feeling the blue

After Frankfurt, I feel a bit of a buzz of thought, of ideas.  The stomp of feet.  The many meetings stacked up on each other like pancakes.  I can’t swarm past them.  I eat a little yoghurt in the morning, join the swarm.  It was warm all the time in Frankfurt, no need for coats, scarves or gloves.  My umbrella unused.  The stories:


There’s a smart one in every family, and this protagonist was not that one.


There are only two stories.  A stranger shows up in a town. Things change. A man leaves town.  His life changes.


Ah yes, but what about that other story? A woman leaves home taking her child. She finds another country.


A child leaves home.  She isn’t really a child, but she feels like a child.

All these stories heaped up around me in the warm Frankfurt air.


I am finding my way back to Los Angeles now via Heathrow.

The morning is slipping away.

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