On planes

Travelling is a bit of smash into a seat next to a window that doesn’t open.  I want to do big things but I’m often wearing the wrong dress.  Why are people so mean? I think walking around NY.  I’m not envious of a city that brings out the mean in people, but I miss the city as soon as I’m gone, the hurl and thick of it.  The light slanting down through the buildings the women who look like they are walking on stilts. And the literary world with its boxes and socks of taste so much better than your taste, so much more delicious. Who are you if you haven’t read so and so? It’s as if the unread book gives someone the right to look down on that person, way down because they haven’t read what you read.  Oh shut up, I think, eat your sausage and bread, your cheese and bananas.  But I like the peculiar world of books.  I’m a kid obsessed with the crackerjack box and the toy at the center. The toy is story.

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