Life is a mess

Life is messier than you expect it to be.  Maybe we all watch too many movies, In the movies, life is less messy, but things get sorted.  I’m writing this on a plane back from China, and I’m thinking about the messy parts.  If I could straighten out all the dirty muddy parts, would life be boring?  I think not.  I could sustain a life of boring for a few minutes now and then.

Even when I’m out walking Jasper, there is some drama.  Jasper gets all up on his game when he hears yappy dogs.  Jasper wants to put a stop to the yapping.  Jasper likes having an egg in the morning, shell and all.  He sucks the egg.  He taps it with is paw a bit and then finally breaks it.  There is egg all over the pavement and shells.  That’s the kind of mess that gets cleaned up.  “Eggs is easy,” we used to say meaning that when you broke them, you could clean them up.

Other parts of a life when they get messy just won’t clean up.  You still got the mess.  My house isn’t as clean as I’d like it to be.  But it could be.  I could clean up; but that’s a house.  It’s not a life.  Life is more like a forest that’s been growing for a long time and a lot of trees have fallen down; there are stumps all over the place.  A lot of ferns growing and hand size white fungi growing from the trees.  Then you decide to clean up the forest; but it’s a big beautiful mess of leaves, trees, sometimes there’s even an old car or a pair of shoes half covered with the leaves.  You can’t clean up a forest, and you don’t really want to.  A house sure.  My one beautiful life is a bit of a mess, a tangle in there.  You look through the wet and trees, you see the ferns, and the wet stumble of branches.  I can’t remember when.  When everything was untangled.

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