Bad Movies on long plane rides

Nights in Rodanthe—Diane Lane seems to have a knack for romantic comedies.  In this one, she has a thing with Richard Gere.  Stuff I liked:  she puts her kids first.  Once she falls in love, the kids are still the top of her brain, she knows it only works with her new lover if it works for her kids.  I don’t like it when people fall in love, and the kids become secondary.  Also the daughter was a great character.  Mostly the movie was predictable.  Wanker ex. New lover comes into picture predictably rich and best friend who is a person of color.


A Little Something on Your Birthday…

Sharon Stone falls in love with the actor who played the bad guy in Ghost, Tony Goldwyn.  I didn’t even know that guy was still acting.  He is.  Sharon plays a single over the top fashion designer who can’t manage to figure out how to plan a wedding once they are finally together and engaged.  Also in this one, a best friend who is a person of color. Hubby-to-be says that she didn’t want to get married at the Chateau Marmont.  Are you kidding me? Or the Bel Air Club, I’ve been to a wedding there, it’s fancy.  The movie is so exaggerated, so over the top.  Sharon looks great in a bikini, let me emphasize that.  She is in ridiculously good shape.  But the movie slipped off the reality train.  I’d like to see Sharon in a movie about Amelia Earhart.  If I were writing a movie with her as the as the main character, I’d make her the hero.


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