The Ballad of Black Tom

I read The Horror at Red Hook followed by The Ballad of Black Tom.  Lovecraft’s horror is laced with his fear of immigrants.  The Ballad is a beautiful story, almost a love story between a son and his father.  Everything the boy did was for that father, and when the father is brutally shot by a policemen, he finds a new father.  Cthulhu, Lovecraft’ s King under the Sea becomes a real person in this story, a person you fear will make an appearance.  This King, the inspiration for Alien is possessed of magical powers.  Tom too has magic.  I went on to Paul Tremblay’s Head Full of Ghosts, which was too much family drama and girl drama for me.  Black Tom felt like a real character, someone I know and could meet again.  Lovecraft’s stories emphasize that we fear what we do not know, and he himself hated immigrants, Jews and Blacks.  He thought Hitler was a swell guy.  The father of modern horror, in his day was considered a kook and a racist.  Hemingway, Pound and Eliot weren’t people you’d want to hang around for long.  They were racists as well.  The writer and the writing and the divide between them.

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