Maggie Nelson’s Bluets

I read Bluets at midnight, and crawl down the dark blue of it until I finish and fall asleep before the rooster starts in and the day opens blue.  She takes us down the rabbit hole of the color; Nelson’s like a pianist with favorite keys or a guitarist with favorite songs.  Wittgenstein threads into her obsession with blue. My favorite blue is the blue of the balls used by Lita Albuquerque in “Stellar Axis.”  She showed us the blue balls at her house, one was for sale.  There was blue on her walkway and on her fingernails.  The very blue of “Stellar Axis” was stuck to the paving stones.  Her husband goes skydiving hundreds of times a year, they are both off into the blue, like Maggie Nelson who breaks apart language and ideas like you do eggs.  We had blue eggs for a while from Aracauna chickens and green eggs from the Olive Eggers.  The judge asked, “Do you have green eggs,” and under oath, I said, “Yes and ham.” Now we have mostly Rhode Island reds and one Polish chicken named Pantalones. Maggie Nelson mixes in a mixing bowl literary theory, life, and sex, a raw mixture then cooks it up and bakes a cake like Bluets.  It’s intoxicating like climbing into morning.

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