Travels on the East Coast

I like the students at Vermont Center of Fine Arts, such enthusiasm for writing and publishing. They asked the best questions I’ve gotten from a group of students in my travels.  I stayed in a small wooden room in a large wooden house with a chaos of wires in the basement; I was pleased that there was a basement.  I miss them in California, the outer areas of the house where things are hidden.  The luminal spaces of a life.  The house had a large unfinished basement with a washer and dryer and the secrets of electricity.  There were cupboards, window boxes and a fridge with a bottle of water.  The college had a cafeteria which I never visited preferring to trudge down to the grocery store in town and bring back a salad.  I’ve been searching this trip for one food item:  A gingerbread cookie.  No luck so far.  Perhaps Tampa has good bakeries with cookies? You never know.


In Boston, I stayed near the park, as I always do.  There was the book seller dinner at Four Spoons for Thai food and then last night, I went to a grocery store for a salad.  If left alone, you can count on me not to find out the best food a city has to offer.  I like to work and to walk.  The walking and working seem to take all my time and breath.  I also don’t like eating in restaurants alone.  I miss Jasper and I miss Mark.


Speaking about publishing reminded me of what a strange business it is.  Here on the Delta plane, the airline attendants treat the first class people like royalty and the rest of us like very special people. One of the problems with independent publishing is that everyone wants to be treated like royalty or at least with respect. It’s complicated, and we are still working at improving our game.


We are in Tampa for AWP, the Red Hen staff will have a good time.  They enjoy the conference.


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