Kate Gale: A Mind Never Dormant

Florencia Ramirez





Party last night for Janet Fitch’s new book. The vodka! My favorite was the horseradish vodka. The reading was wonderful and made you want to buy the book immediately.  Tom Lutz and Laurie Winer are fabulous hosts, and I could have hung out for a long time at the Russian food, but I restrained myself.  Their house is so charming. I like the upstairs outdoors room.


I’m at the Guadalajara Book Fair, just hanging, I want to do something fun here in Mexico, and fortunately, my hotel has a pool and I brought a swimsuit.


Thanksgiving week was amazing. I needed the moment to breathe, to rest.  We ate a lot of turkey morning and night and even made a turkey soup.


Guadalajara is buzzing with energy.  The sky here is a light sponge, thick with smog.  I remember as a kid, thinking the sky was dark and terrible maybe because my life was terrible. Not even blue like a life of music and rice, but black and wretched with slivers of gold too far apart.


Here in Mexico, the air smells like car exhaust and carnitas.  I like walking the city and thinking.