Kate Gale: A Mind Never Dormant

Hamilton tickets forever elude me



In New York, it was impossible. But then Hamilton came to Los Angeles! I knew I could see it. Back in the day, I saw Phantom, Sunset Boulevard, Lion King, and Mamma Mia. I am willing to invest in the occasional big show, but Hamilton is out of my financial reach.  I went down to the Pantages to see if I could buy tickets in person. There were no tickets under $600.  I’m sure Hamilton is wonderful, but it’s time to let go of the dream..


It’s an odd thing when it comes to wealth. There are many experiences you can do as a relatively poor person if you have a job and save your dimes or are willing to travel simply. You can go to Greece or Germany, Spain or Canada.  My son who has no material possessions, (except his two cats who live temporarily at our house), has seen much of the world. You can swim in the best oceans and scamper on the beaches, see sunsets, eat sushi in Tokyo, ride horses and make pies.


Ninety percent of the wealth on the planet is owned by ten percent of the people.  Those ten percent can go fancy hotels, drink champagne that tastes like air; they have  big cars and carriages.  I know some people lucked into good deals for tickets, maybe I will in some other city.


I like my life, I like making books and having a family, and writing.  I like reading and thinking, travelling and figuring things out. I like dreaming, and when I dream, I dream of Hamilton.