Swiping Mr. Right

I saw this play last night, a one man show with Christopher Meehan, about his life and always looking for someone who might fulfill his every dream and make him feel amazing. He takes the audience through his journey of realizing that love isn’t a feeling, it’s a decision we make.


Whenever I think of someone who’s had an affair and regretted it and said, they were overcome by feeling, I think just that. You made a decision at some point. We aren’t governed by our hearts and bodies wholly, our brain gets a say.  We make a decision to be in love, to stay in love, to create love. I think that’s where he came to in the end. We make love happen by being lovers not by renting a Lexus or taking someone to an expensive restaurant or looking perfect.


Chris started the play in his boxers and while dancing, slid into jeans over his shoes.  He made it look easy so I’ve tried it a few times this morning with no success.


You’d think that afterward I would have simply congratulated him, but I quizzed him on Beckett and Martin McDonagh, and Eugene O’Neill.  I wanted to know what context he uses to write plays and what playwrights he loves.


Watching his play made me think about this libretto I’m writing and how I can slice in some funny parts. A moment to laugh in a play or opera is a moment to breathe.


The best acting in the play may have been when Chris went into a rendition of Top Gun which took one’s breath away.  I would see Chris Meehan in a play again in a minute.  Or in a movie for that matter. He’s got a self deprecating side which came through the whole play. One odd thing about human behavior is that if you think you’re the most important person in the room, you are probably alone in that opinion.  In this play, Chris kept poking fun at himself, making the play both endearing and comic.


Choose the life you’re living or change it. Be here, not some place else or with your phone. Open your eyes. Love might be right in front of you.

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