Chasing squirrels is joy for Zooey

When I walk the dog in the morning, she thinks about squirrels and trash talking Huskies and beagles. She has a special hatred for those dogs.  When a small dog barks at her, she averts her eyes, staring at the heavens as if she can’t be bothered.


But there is a gentleman we see every day in a rolling chair with a beagle and she loses her dog mind, leaping and struggling on the leash. I don’t know what goes through her head. When she chases squirrels, she often runs to the wrong tree and the squirrel talks smack down to her from its leafy home. I try to think. I try to simply be, but sometimes I make phone calls while I’m walking and then it’s harder to manage the squirrel chasing and beagle hating.


A dog’s life is not as relaxing as a cat’s. Our cats have no other jobs than to destroy our furniture which they are tearing limb from limb.  We yell at them when we’re home, and they wait for the hours that we’re gone when they will sharpen their claws on the orange chair, the white couch; they lie on our dining room chairs leaving hair.  Cats aren’t so clean. They fill a house with hair.


I’m off to London and Frankfurt next week, and while I’m gone, I don’t worry about the cats, but I worry about Zooey. Will they walk her enough? Will they remember to let her off leash? Her whole life depends on being able to chase a squirrel a day. Is that too much to ask?

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