Write into the swim of lonely

Loneliness is the gateway to new thinking.  Rethinking one’s life is a good thing, but it’s hard to do if you are in the middle of it all the time. Unless you have time to clear your head, it’s hard to think big thoughts.

My friend Percival Everett  can write in spite of everything. Kids home from school? He writes. On the road? He writes. Fishing trip? He writes.  I write and think best when I don’t have distractions.

When I teach in Nebraska, I always tell myself that I’ll sneak in a little writing. I don’t. When I’m in New York, I promise myself to finish the next chapter. I work and drink lattes.

The best times are the lonely times.  That’s why I like to wake before everyone, I hear my brain doing cartwheels, it’s so exciting to be moving and flying.

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  1. Completely understand this feeling. I need to be a little adrift to get to the good stuff. It comes on its own and cannot be induced by self-imposed discipline or “promises.” Thanks Kate.

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