Alien Covenant


The day I returned from Japan, we went immediately to see Alien Covenant on opening day.  In our family, we are fans of the alien franchise, the first and second ones were good, and the first Prometheus movie was great and made us think about our god and our maker, our truth and our destiny. This latest movie didn’t have those kinds of deep waters. I missed Charlize Theron who carried the movie forward on her slim shoulders.  The great subtle beauty of this movie was the relationship between Michael Fassbender (always a pleasure to watch) and himself.  The deep longing between a man and another man was played so beautifully that you felt the keys of your heart being played like a symphony.


The horrific part is blood, guts, aliens and more aliens and an unraveling of plot.  It’s hard to be emotionally involved with these aliens with their blood that melts metal, and their complete lack of feeling.  The aliens are simply monsters. There is no passion, just the instinct to kill people.  Aliens erupt from human bellies; guts and blood poured forth all over the screen.  I wonder how many gallons of blood they used for this movie? The last movie made me want to see more Prometheus.  Now I’m not sure.  The other alien movies were sustained by our relationship with Ripley.  No one is alive for us to follow to the next movie.  It was an alien bloodbath.

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