The Nest Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney


I met Cynthia at the Pasadena Festival of Women’s books and she had the dynamic energy of a five year old, she’s like a dancer/trapeze artist.  Stuff I liked:  The description of New York, I liked the Grand Central description including the Campbell Apartment bar there, and I liked the feeling of walking around Brooklyn in the book.  The writing is wonderful, such spiff and polish of language, the story of the twins, one gay, one straight, the gay uncles, but the thrust of the story, the arc, is the “nest.”  The kids are waiting for an inheritance.  At first I was annoyed with the nest. I didn’t care whether these well off New Yorkers inherited more money. But the story grew on me, I began to realize that the point was if you know something was going to change your life, you’d wait all the time for it and that anticipation changes everything. It’s really a story about how we wait and why we can’t move beyond waiting.  We live in a culture where we don’t like to wait.  We pause to play with our phones in the line at Starbucks; we can’t stand any moments when we are alone. Anticipation changes the Plumbs’ lives.  They glorify the one of the siblings who is a shiny person. In many families, the family member who is glorified is not the one with the most compassion and integrity.  I like the ending of the book, but I won’t spoil it for you.

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