“The Roommate”

Saw the play last night.  I liked the music done by my friend Michael Roth, but I’m still thinking about the play.  Red Hen published A Well Made Bed a few years ago and this play followed some of those themes.  Woman in Midwest stuck in her boring life turns to crime.  Even down to the cocaine in the statues.  The similarities were eerie.  But in this case, the arch criminal is a lesbian who dressed awkwardly and looked strange in her clothes like they didn’t quite fit her.  I know a lot of dapper lesbians whose biggest crime is marching yesterday against the Trump presidency.  The whole play moved slowly and the cardinal law of theatre was broken when they brought a gun on stage but never used it.  And are we to believe that our Iowa housewife goes from never smoking weed to selling coke or was it heroin and wanting to sell weed to minors in a few weeks?  I would call the play implausible.  The acting was great, but I question how fast a Bronx lesbian could get me to go from joint to crime and then to the ultimate leaning over the edge, but go see the play, decide for yourself how far you would go if you were Miss Iowa.

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