iPhone 6 takes a swim in the ocean

The key is minute rice.  Turn the phone off and have patience.  Spend the time without your phone contemplating why it was more important to reach into the ocean than to keep track of the phone.   I was leaning into the ocean collecting sand dollars, when the phone took a leap into the waves.  It was a slide, a spring, a swivel, a tumble.  Then the ocean gulped down my phone.  We took the phone out of its case, shook it down and turned it off.  Then we put it into minute rice for 30 hours in a Ziploc bag.  It recovered nicely.


The last time I was walking by the ocean and got dragged into the waves with my iPhone in my pocket was three years ago in Cannon Beach. That was an iPhone 3, and we put it into a bag of regular rice for a day, and it never recovered.  The older phones took in more water.  Also, minute rice, couscous and silica work better than regular rice.  And air drying is better than cat litter.  Yes, there are people who try kitty litter.  Seriously? Why not put your phone in dirt. Or breakfast cereal.  Right! You dropped your phone in the ocean, the key is Lucky Charms!  Not so much.


Today in the bar, a large man was laughing at people who are afraid of what Trump will do.  “Trump will crush them,” he said.  “Like bugs.”  He was watching football.


I don’t want to crush anyone.  I want all of us to be able to fly, but Icarus fell.  The wax melted.

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