Basic American values include

Manifest Destiny—US expansion is ordained by God

Individualism—we are special, and we deserve privacy


Equality—we deserve to be treated equally

The comfort clause—we have the right to be comfortable and judge others based on their comforts


Science and technology are good—they make our life better

Optimism—we can do anything


Work is good, being idle is bad

Competition is good


Move up whenever possible

If where you live sucks, move


Set goals, measure results, get things done


There is a lot of talk about American values.

But, as this election shows, we have different values.


Some of us value guns and borders and control.


Core values are sometimes taught by our parents,

but sometimes they just come to us as we grow.


I value family and loyal friends.

I choose to live in a city with diversity.


I value gardens, children, boats, travel and books, art and music.

I value the landscape of love, the moments when you are with the people dear to you.


Great conversations that last your whole life, that set your brain on fire.

Like seeing a painting or listening to music.


The world is on fire.  It is changing quickly.

Sometimes people leave your life and never come back.


It’s the ones who stay that count.

Value love.

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