He will come in peace; they will rest on their resting places – he who walks in his integrity.

I love walking in Hyde Park in the rain. And a man was sprinkling out rice for the swans.

Hyde Park in the soft twilight with the swans all rushing into the rice by the side of water.

They swam in swan loops

Television in London involves Eighties movies, and American shows like Storage Wars.  Also a show ALF.  Are you serious?  Does Trump look like Alf?  And all they have in the news about America is that our election is crazy and that this demagogue wants to rule the country.  On and on.

I hate to think that the Brits think of Storage Wars and Trump and Alf when they think of us.

In Frankfurt, I watch the BBC while I work.

The Jewish cemetery by my hotel is nearly 20 acres.  It has been used since 1828 and there are 30,000-40,000 graves there.   I walk through the cemetery and think about all those stories, those lives which were big stories.

ON the wall is an inscription in Hebrew which translates: He will come in peace; they will rest on their resting places – he who walks in his integrity.


May we walk in integrity. May our leaders walk in integrity.



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