Teenagers inform you of cool.

When you have kids, you somehow forget what’s cool and what’s not.

Maybe you knew when you were in college, but you have no idea any more.

You get disconnected from cool.

You start to wear cardigans and shop at Costco

and next thing you know you are wearing socks with your Birkenstocks.

Or you are excited about what kind of china you’re buying.

If you are getting thrills off the dishware,

it doesn’t take rocket science to see that you are miles from cool.

My kids steered me away from Crocs and Vibrams, white socks and 80s music.

Being cool isn’t really important, that’s what you realize at some point.

The people you think are the coolest are the ones you like hanging out with.

All five of my sister-n-law’s five grand kids are way cool.

Cool has nothing to do with stuff.

Nothing to do with the clothes you wear, the socks, the shoes, the car, the music.

Cool is you’ve decided to be the magic,

to love life and to be as good to people around you as best you can.

On the float.


Ending the Tyranny of Cool

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