“I will never betray my nakama!”

The Japanese have a word for a friend who is so close that they are part of your life/family.

Nakama is a good word.

A word that holds much love in its belly.

In movies, love and friendship are easy, almost effortless.

Everything happens in two hours.

You care about someone.

You hang.

You travel.

Goals, dreams, maybe you go to each other’s weddings,

maybe you stay at each other’s houses.

You call each other.

To lose nakama is to lose a piece of you.

I am of the belief that you cannot lose a nakama.

If you lose a friend, they were never a nakama.

I am grateful for the dear friends I have and for the casual friends,

the sporting friends, and the literary friends and the friends who want

me to do stuff for them.

But here’s to nakama.

May we all have a few.

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  1. it’s weird,I think I don’t have a nakama.I hope I’ll have one,soon.who knows right..

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