Crisis Management

My cousin’s daughter wants to work in Crisis Management, a growing field.

What you do in crisis management is containment.  A crisis occurs, and then you must put into a box, but once the genie has emerged from the bottle or Pandora’s box is open, it’s not easy to put it back.

Crisis management is a difficult and challenging field.  Outside experts help companies navigate crises.

Part of the reason these experts are effective, is that they are not emotionally involved with the crisis.

Human beings like to make decisions with their hearts and heads and sometimes our stomachs as well.

Experts help us make head decisions rather than heart and stomach decisions.

I like to think about which part of your body should make decisions.

I like gut decisions.

In my small experience with crises, I learned this.  You do not know who your friends are until you have been in crisis.

Life is a series of lessons.  I am glad for the ones I have learned.  I have much more to learn.  I wish my cousin’s daughter the very best with her chosen career.  Crises help us to grow as human beings.  We grow from challenge.  I am glad for the great friendships I have.  I feel very lucky.

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