Switching to Plan B

In Germany, I got lost in a Jewish graveyard.  The plan had been to enter one large gate and exit the other gate nearest to my hotel, a mere fifteen minute walk.


I was carrying my takeout food because in Germany, I buy fruit at the Arab markets and my dinner at the Arab restaurants which is why I think the Syrians moving into Germany is going to be terrific because there will be more Arab markets, more Syrian restaurants and hopefully Lebanese food, Afghani food and then, as in Berlin, London, and Paris, you can feel the global culture and appreciate people from everywhere.


America has always had immigration, but for European countries, the idea of immigration is a bit scary.  Indian food in London is amazing. The place I eat mostly in London is Lebanese, and when someone is visiting who has fancy money, we go Indian.


In Germany, at the Jewish graveyard, I got lost and wandered around getting the story of the Jews in Frankfurt.  Getting lost is a good thing.  You get to move from Plan A to Plan B.


Plan A is to fight the Graboid Monsters in Tremors.


Plan B is not watching the movie.  Plan B is doing anything but watching the Graboids in Tremors which is currently playing in my hotel room.

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