Black Lives Matter. America must wake up and change.

Great week.

And the wind blowing the heat back.

Deena Metzger lunch with some sushi that melted me. And the seaweed salad.

Then Mark and I drove to San Clemente to spend the night with Maurya Simon and her husband.

The heat blew in off the ocean.

We ate fish and waves broke under us crackling the pier.

And you?

You can’t come to the place where the sky meets the water without feeling the wet lively feeling of being that near the ocean.

And then home.

The plumbing.

The trees.

And we have too many chickens.

I am trying to find a home for some of them.

Some people want to eat them. My red hens!

Lordy lordy, what is the world coming to?

Tomorrow Portland, then Seattle, then Nebraska.

There are never too many trees or too much beach or too many waves or too many clouds.

And the world is large enough.

Right now there is too much violence in this country.

Black Lives matter.  Black lives must matter to all of us.

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  1. And be sure to check You Tube for today’s inspired eulogy at the funeral in Dallas. What respect for the pain and suffering and dignity of all concerned.

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