a break in the sky

We saw the movie, The Legend of Tarzan which is not one of the smartest movies but the lead actor is ridiculously good looking.  It’s like he’s from another planet.  I like the scenes of Africa, the whole movie was a bit of a love letter to Africa, even though the scenes were completely unrealistic.  Tarzan could talk to ostriches and lions and elephants.  He could leap off cliffs and swing hundreds of feet.  He could command crocodiles and cattle.  None of this seems very likely even if you are raised by gorillas.  I wanted to see a fun popcorn movie for the 4th and everyone said that Independence 2 was a wash.  I want to see the new Star Trek movie and the new Bourne movie.


The best thing about silly movies is the popcorn.  Our dogs really hate the fireworks.  The brave one, Zooey is the most chicken of all.  She hides and cries and pleads for us to hold her in our arms.


Maybe, that’s a good way to be, the brave one is afraid.  The blind boxer cried least of all.  If she has her treats, she’s just chilling.  Zooey sees too much, hears too much.  The world is too big for her.

For Ginger, if there are treats, the world is a good place.

Treats don’t solve everything, but it certainly feels better.  Especially if you are a dog.

If I were a dog, what I would like would be:

Other dogs



Taking walks

Interesting smells





I am glad to have time to breathe. Like snapping turtles do, I can rest on rocks in the sunlight.

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