We don’t have internet but we have light moon water.

We don’t have internet but we don’t want it.  Internet would only distract us from writing.


I had tea and squeezed fresh lemon from the lemon tree out in the courtyard and now I need honey to make it sweet enough to drink.  I’d taken down the purple bougainvillea which was climbing into the lemon tree, though at home our purple bougainvillea has invaded several trees. It is an intrusive plant.  If it were a neighbor, we’d call the police.


I have some sort of bites on my arms and legs; we aren’t sure if they’re gnats or mosquitoes but we have some repellant so it doesn’t get any worse. Mark says I should stop scratching but I do it anyway.


Considering how sick I was when we left on this trip and in London, it’s amazing how well I am now.


The water is very cold, but I manage to swim at least an hour a day and hike around the islands I swim to. This means I have to bring sandals on the swim.  I have goggles now so I can see the seaweed that I would use if I were building a house here.


There is one large rock with pink rock fingers going down into the sea at the small island off of Livadi Geranou Beach. I call her the painted lady.


A few years ago, the cat had four kittens.  All four of them have come by to eat cat food, but only one is really friendly.


At home we don’t write in the evenings; we watch Game of Thrones.  Friends suggest Downtown Abbey. We’re actually too tired to write here, but we write anyway.


It’s the sunlight which is thick like the gold marmalade they serve at the end of meals.  I bought some to eat with sheep yogurt.


While swimming and walking I think of future chapters, but I also think about last year and everything that happened and realizing how amazing my friends are and realizing the world is large enough for those of us who make mistakes.  Greece is full of light, and we are writing in that light.  Some doors close, other doors open.

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