A country of good cheese.

The Greeks take cheese seriously, the mizithra cheese is so delicate and lovely.  I’m going to make Mark some pasta tomorrow with it.  Tonight we had haloumi roasted with figs.  Almost every day we have Greek salad with feta.  Last night I made a ratatouille with fresh mozzarella.  The cheese in this country is very good.


We are here early enough in the year that the island is quiet and cool.  There will be many fresh figs in August.  But already the summer jasmine, the night blooming jasmine is opening.


We walked around a massive hermitage built like a castle crouched along the bay.  The door was open, but we didn’t go in.  The water is very clear but the salt in it is heavy.  Mark got me goggles today so my eyes wouldn’t look like an alien.  The salt water makes me tired like a bear who has climbed many trees and not eaten enough fish.


Before we leave, we will go to the small restaurant by the bay of the windmills where the old lady carefully picks the squash blossoms and stuffs them with rice.  We have many more days.


We are awake even when we are asleep, and when we are asleep, we are dreaming.

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