What makes life complicated?

Your life is more or less complicated based on the number of people with whom you are friends and the number of people you know. In Greece there are many hermitages, and it would seem that life in a hermitage would be pretty simple.  You swim in the ocean.  You go to the market for fish, bread, tomatoes, and onions.  You make yourself meals and you swim and presumably you do some contemplative work—you read, and think.  No one is going to ask you for anything.  No is disappointed with you if you don’t do something right.


Having friends is a good thing.  Doing one’s work well is a good thing.   We are going to Greece and while we are there, life will be simple.  We will eat tomato cucumber salad.  We will write and swim.


When we started the press, I thought it would be like having a family, the authors and the working on the press.  I am amazed every day at the hard working Red Hen staff.  Life is complicated and wonderful, and I am ready to think for a bit.

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