The cat is on the skylight.

The cat is on the skylight.

One of us is in the air.

The other cat in the living room.

One of us is grinding away at writing.

The cat on the roof only sees sky.

One of us is on book tour, sailing the silver seas.

The cat in the living room is writhing in agony.  He sees the cat on the skylight.

When you’re out promoting a book, you can hardly hear because there’s so much noise.

The cat in the living room is losing his mind.  That other cat is on the skylight! What about that? Up there in the air and the birds and the light pouring on him. Unacceptable. All the cat in the living room can think about is this. I’m in the living room. I’m not on the skylight. I. I. I.

The cat on the skylight is just at the sky stage.  Later, he’ll be in the living room. Later he’ll be in the basement. Later he’ll be in the attic. Later he’ll be chasing squirrels. Later he’ll be cooking dinner. Later he’ll be making love to his cat wife/wives.

The cat in the living room can’t see any of this.  All he can see is himself in the living room and he believes this moment will last forever.

Some friendships last your whole life.  But many friendships end. The part of your life when you are writing a book ends. The book tour ends. The teaching semester. Then something new begins. Eventually you are on the skylight too.  Up there in all that air.

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