The language the stars spoke before the moon and sun got involved.

Mark gave me the birthday present I wanted.  All of Richard Bausch’s books which our friend Jon Peede will agree will take a lot of time to read and even longer to think about, but now that I have them all, off I go to the races.  Peace is one of his books that literally  knocks my socks off.  His language is the original language the stars spoke to each other before the moon and the sun got involved.

Ren Faire yesterday was good and tiring.  Turkey drumsticks. Cider/beer.

Huge balls floating in pools with one kid in each one, tumbling and their parents cheering. Each child alone yet able to see the other children. Some with their phones, taking pictures as they turned over. The parents taking pictures too.  An ideal 21st century kid activity.

Jason went from LAX to Mapplethorpe to our house to sushi. Today he is visiting Don Bachardy.

Today I am teaching and then Book Soup reading which everyone should come to because it will be fantastic. All three of these poets are dangerously sweeping the cosmos for big ideas.

This week—San Francisco, Chicago, San Francisco, Santa Barbara.  I like Virgin Airlines. At SFO, I have a favorite Kombucha place.  We will get away this weekend and walk by the water. Isn’t there still water in all the stories?

The sky is blue.  The sun is still rising. There is still water. There is water that moves and water that’s still. Both are good places to be.

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