Red Hen Press glows in the Milky Way

In movies, they often say, Only one man can solve this problem.  It’s not one woman.  It’s one man.  That’s when they call Bruce Willis, Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, or Clint Eastwood.  Those men are the only man that can solve certain global problems.  One man seems pretty limiting.  It could be a woman.  Amazing things do happen.  We started this press twenty-one years ago.  We are small but growing.  At the London Book Fair, you realize how many publishers there are globally and how small you are.  Like a star in the Milky Way Galaxy.  But Red Hen Press is still a star.  Glowing in the spring sky.

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  1. When people in the world come together great things happen. People are longing for something much deeper. I want to be in a place that will offer me the opportunity to move around. I want to travel around and become part of this universe, no matter how I will get there. I have begun this journey of solace, questioned my own existence. Doubt everything, Was I born to suffer? This is from my new work, born to suffer.

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