The Polish girls sing and drink in London

The Polish girls were drinking at 11 in the morning at my hotel when I came in.  They were eating chips and drinking and taking turns smoking outside. I got a room in the attic overlooking the city. A slanted roof with pigeons outside.  I ordered takeout Lebanese for dinner, so I have pita to feed the birds.  There’s thin light coming in the window.  When I arrived, I carried my suitcases up the many flights to the attic, and then came back down and stood outside in the morning light.  The smell of toast was overwhelming coming from the hotels.  At home, bread is out of the question.   If we go out for breakfast, I have poached eggs with spinach.  I haven’t eaten toast since I don’t know when.  The Polish girls made me toast and coffee. Up in my room, I could see the tops of the trees starting in on spring, the buds ready.  I like my room, cool and airy, I like the tops of the trees.  It’s supposed to rain every day that I’m here.  Luckily, I have an umbrella.  I’ll walk around London with my umbrella and imagine that I am Winnie the Pooh.  Tomorrow my girls get here, and all together.  Teri is kind of like Tigger and Karen is Christopher Robin. We will walk around the city and feel the rain.

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