The first time I had coffee I was in college.  I quickly took to the stuff, and now, I stumble to my kitchen in the morning and get the machine started.  As it begins to flow down my throat, I come alive.


Emperor Menilek declared to the clergy in the 1700s that he would allow the drinking of coffee, that it was not, only a Muslim drink.  Hundreds of years ago, there was a debate on whether Christians should drink something that Muslims drank.  Originally Muslims had banned it because of its stimulating effects.


Once the Turks were defeated, the Europeans discovered coffee and pretty soon, the first café was opened in Vienna and the Austrians began to drink coffee.


AWP starts this week, I plan to drink many cups of coffee.  Some say the conference runs on alcohol, others on coffee.  I still choose to think it runs on love of books.

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  1. Great post, Kate.
    I hope to see you at AWP, coffee–and books–in hand! 🙂

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