New York City

KGB Bar event was very fine.

Then the party at the Red Room

In between in my hotel, they keep playing White House Down.

Jamie Foxx is president and Channing Tatum is fighting for him.

The head of the secret service is hunting down the president.  You never know who you can trust.  You think they are your friend and next thing you know, they are using the nuclear launch codes.

This morning I had breakfast at the Harvard Club with Benjamin and Dave, I had a California breakfast.

I like Richard Jenkins in this movie; I always like him.

I walked around New York after that; it’s a nice day.

I went into a Sephora store where I was thinking of breaking my Walgreens pattern for something a little more uptown.  The Sephora store on 5th avenue and 48th is impressive with large golden doors.  I was immediately assigned to Randy who looked at me, went and got his coat and said, “I’m going on break.”

At that point, my tiny impulse to go upscale passed and I walked down 5th avenue to find myself a snack.  I bought Macintosh apples, navel oranges, and Turkish figs.

I like Turkish figs.

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