Burning through my health points

We all come with a certain number of health points.  I came with more than my full share.  I had a bucket load.  But I am burning through them at a fearful rate.  I keep wishing for more sleep, time to think.  I keep imagining that I can have more energy if I drink more water, try oil pulling, gargle with salt water, get chiropractic help, I’m willing to hang upside down so that more energy pours downward.  I’m willing to try anything.  In video games,  you come with a certain number of health points, but you gradually lose points.   I’m going to drink my carrot juice. HP repair.


In the video world… the concept of regenerating health requires the player to find med kits and then the wounds will automatically heal if they can avoid damage for a set amount of time.  This allows the player to be in top condition at the beginning of every skirmish, ready to fight to the full in every battle.   I am not in a video game.

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