I walk the dog who dreams of squirrels.

I sleep too much and dream of books. Sometimes in the dream I am writing a book, and sometimes the book is writing me.

I’m reading Truth and Beauty.  Kim Dower got me on an Ann Patchett kick, and reading this book makes me think about the kinds of friendships one has.  The friendship of Ann and Lucy is profound and deep and crazy all at the same time.  They hate and love each other all at once.  They envy each other’s success, they scratch at each other and adore one another.

It’s a real friendship when you go through some bad stuff, even some ugly stuff and you come up the other side and you are still friends.  Our whole family has been through some madness and to the dark parts of the world and back again.  We’ve flown way out into space and then found our way around the dark side of the moon.  In the dark places, we found reasons that we’re an epic family.

The deep big friendships are the ones that you went down into Hades and there you ate the pomegranate seeds that mean you will always carry a bit of Hades with you, and you started up the long climb up through winter into the bright morning and early sunlight and it is spring then.  The air brightens then, sunlight pouring into the tunnel, and the jasmine is in bloom, and there in the spring you see your friend.

Lucy and Ann have a big friendship, and I really like reading about it.  I like to think about having a big wonderful long friendship like that.

We just watched Captain America Winter Soldier.  I’ll be honest, we are not the ideal audience for that movie, but Jack watches all the Marvel comic movies and we don’t want be complete losers in the Marvel department.   If I were a Marvel character, I would fly.

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  1. Have u read Anne patchett’s This Is The Story of a Happy Marriage? Collection of her essays. I love her too. I want to call her up and have her over for dinner. She’s that kind of writer

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