Storied day of candy

A long walk with Tobi’s dog Zooey who yanked at my arm.

Squirrel chasing.

Then home. Melon and coffee.

Over the 405. Which was not so bad as last week when it took me an hour and a half to cover ten miles from Santa Monica to Hollywood.

Barbara Abercrombie’s class so bright and charming.  Such lovely energy.  Great questions.

Barbara and I out for lunch at CPK.  I remember having a freezer full of CPK when Steve was growing up so he always had something to eat.

The students were at the bar having white wine.  The air was warm and threaded with gold.

On the way home I stopped at the carwash. It took an hour because a lot of people were polishing up their cars for Valentine’s Day.

That gave me time to buy tangerines.

To go to Sees candy for Mark and Tobi.

Then home to work.

Artichokes, a salad with Japanese radish and carrot swirled, delicate mushrooms, paprika shrimp. Berries and cream.

We watched the movie Oblivion and I asked Tobi several times if she and Rebecca are an effective team. Tobi stared at me.  She took her chocolate with her. She went to bed.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  We will celebrate life and love.

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