Three days of recovering from the flu, and I’m starting to feel better.  Some people like to stay home and cuddle in their pajamas.  I’m not a pj person.  My daughter loves being in pajamas whenever she gets the chance, and we always give her pjs for holidays and birthday.  Pajamas make some people feel like they have shed a second skin and are now able to be their own true self.  I don’t know why I’ve never developed a pajama life, but even at home, I’m trying to be ready to run, ready to do something, to act.  I like the notion of pajama, the idea of relaxing.


I found notes today for a novel that I never got around to writing.  It’s so long ago, that I can’t remember what was the impetus for this and I will certainly never write the book for which I made this brief sketch.


Helga has a Siamese cat she keeps on a blue leash.  She eats hard boiled eggs and grapefruit for breakfast and herring in the afternoons.  She is always wishing that she were thinner and that she weren’t so worried about what people were thinking of her and at the same time wanting to act in some grandiose way on the world.  Hence the great balloon race which she plans to enter. Her father has other plans.  His plan is for her to get married and give him some grandchildren.  He has her work with Bob for seven years on the farm and then marry him.  They have one child and Bob dies.  The child is a girl and her father wants a grandson so he has her work with Joseph for seven years and then marry him.  They have a son and Joseph also dies.  It is then that Helga runs away with the local beekeeper and decides to enter the great balloon race before it is too late for anyone to notice her.  She is 34. 

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